Replacement Turbine for BA International Pushbutton: BA International Ultimate 695 (Serial No 600.000 and up)5 Preferred over OEM # [O_U user_role="2_dentist"] No Warranty on a purchase. Have Dentool install your complete turbine and get a 1 year warranty for an additional $44.00. For more information please visit our repair shop website.

Ultimate turbine, standard head with light. KaVo fitting. KEY FACTS: • Fibre-optic. • Quadruple spray. • Anti-retraction valve. • quick stop function. • smaller head. • New “smart coat” – scratch re

New and improved Ultimate fixed base turbine with up to 30W power and smart coat technology for better handling. midwest fitting. key facts: • amazing 30w power. • quadruple spray. • anti-retraction valve. • “smart Coat&rdqu

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