eBay Dental Air Polisher – fixing the issue

Hello Doctor in this video Mark Frias, RDH wants to talk to you about the eBay Dental Air Polisher :

I’ve been using these for a couple of years. Now, this is a version I use. There are a couple different versions on eBay of Dental Air Polishers I didn’t have good luck with those.

I’ve only had good luck with this type model here (attached below is the image of Dental Air Polisher but one of the major problems that I’ve had over the years with it it’s probably the only major problem that I’ve had no clogging problems. The problem is this O-Ring on the end here, it gets pretty torn up pretty quickly and the way. I’ve solved that problem is to replace the O-ring with high-quality O-ring and to use Lube between every use and this is the brand I use.  I’ll have links on the blog post of where you can get these O-rings and the loop they’re both from American Dental accessories and it’s relatively cheap and this tube was in the last year a long time. This O-ring I already replaced so I’m not gonna take it off but to take it off you just you can get like little pliers or even with your fingers the cheap o-ring that it comes with comes off pretty easily so basically just replace the o-ring it’s kind of a struggle to get the new o-ring on because it’s pretty stiff. Once you get it on there between uses you just basically take the lube and I just take I’m running a very little lube and just kind of wet your fingers a little bit and just you know just lube that whole area there are two o-rings on this the inner Big O-ring here. I’ve never had a problem with so there’s no concern there it’s just the outer ring so you just lube that and you just put the tip in and you slide it on there like that. Not only is that gonna maintain that o ring for a long time which it has but that lube is going is gonna make this tip you know turn very easily you working on the patient you can turn it pretty easily because I was having that issue before. When I did a little bit it was you know though it’s kind of a pain so that’s easy very easy fix there are no other real issues with it these eBay Dental Air Polishes perform you know pretty decently and you know for like 20 bucks you can’t go wrong so if you have any questions about that you can go to the blog post leave a comment.

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