Dental Turbine Parts

Dental Turbine Parts have a significant role in long run, quality and comfort of Dental Handpieces

Dental Turbine / Rotor is one of most important element part of a Dental High Speed Handpiece Turbine because because Quality Balanced Rotors with High Quality Ceramic Bearings balanced offer:

  • Speed at 250 000 – 450 000 rpm
  • Low Noise from 75 db till 60 db
  • Vibration free which offer comfort and silence during work
  • Precision in dental treatments

  • Balancing of dental turbine is very important because its exclude vibration of the handpiece and also it affects the lifetime of turbine. Dynamic balancing is made at high quality rotors / turbines because on low cost / cheap dental turbines they can’t afford this and if they would do it would increadse considerably the cost for the end user. Only High quality brands care about their quality and do Dynamic balancing and normally this increase the price of dental rotors because of very expensive balancing machines and time for balancing which is done manually.
  • Steel or Carbide insert in dental chuck also is very important and all manufactures la KAVO, SIRONA, NSK, BIEN AIR, W&H, STAR, MIDWEST, FARO, FONA, DENSIM, CHIRANA, .. supply with this kind of  inserts. This steel or carbide insert decrease vibrations and help chuck to keep lifetime of dental rotor longer than chucks with it.

Here is the list of Dental Turbine Parts

  1. Dental Turbine ( assembled chuck with impeller with front and rear ball bearings)
  2. O-rings ( Because of variety of head sizes and different manufactures O-ring size differ from one manufacture to other and there are no universal size and even differ type of material and softness of them)
  3. Glass rod – used to transmit the light from LED or Xenon Bulb to the head of turbine
  4. Internal water and air pipes – huge amount of size and length some made from plastic and some from aluminium

We can offer for our Customers a wide variety of Dental Handpiece Repairs but also we can provide Dental turbine Parts on  your request, please write us at with dental turbine parts you need and we will reply you as soon as possible.

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