Difference between Turbine Handpieces and Speed Increasing handpieces 1:5

Dental Handpiece Turbines vs Contra Angle 1:5 Speed Increasing Handpiece

Difference between turbine handpieces and Contra Angle Speed Increasing Iandpieces whether air driven dental turbines or red high-speed contra angle handpieces are used for preparing the enamel and/or dental prosthesis materials depends on personal requirements for ergonomics and efficiency.

Dental Turbines

Dental Turbine W&H inside rotating parts

Dental Handpiece Turbines are more lightweight than Red Contra Angle Handpieces 1:5 need no additional motor or controlled and require less investment as these turbine handpieces are only driven by a small rotor their power is limited and seriously dependent on the contact pressure.

Setting the speed on Dental Handpiece Turbines is generally not possible and the high frequency operating noise is sometimes unpleasant for many users and patience. In addition, the idle road speed is far above the required operating speed which leads to increased heating of the tooth and more wear to the rotary instrument in comparison high speed contra angle handpieces 1:5 that can be adjusted within a speed range of approximately ten thousand to two hundred thousand rpm and can therefore also be used for work which would demand a dental turbine and an additional contra angle handpiece with an air motor red contra angle handpieces 1:5  also offer a constant adjustable speed and their sound is at least less unpleasant these contra angle handpieces must be driven with an electric motor the entire system is, therefore, heavier and more costly than an air driven dental turbine.

Both turbine handpieces and contra angle handpieces 1:5 are precision instruments which have to resist extreme pressures not only during handling but also through the hygiene and maintenance process required inside these instruments are high precision ball bearings, gears,  fiber optics and bulbs. Electronics air and water filters and seals which can only work properly if they are cleaned and maintained correctly and regularly occasion also leads to a fast aware of the rotating parts always ensure that the manufacturer provides equipment for the hygienic and maintenance preparation of transmission instruments when deciding on a system this increases both your safety when using the transmission instruments as well as their service life considerably wh people have priority.

different types of contra angle handpieces

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