Dental Handpiece Lubrication – 10 Things to remember

Properly working dental handpieces are very important in keeping up a pleasant, productive a dental practice. Because of bad maintenance is leading cause of earlier failer of dental instruments and untimely disappointment in the quality of dental handpieces.

You must remember this 10 things each time you take care of your instruments:

Too much pressure? Higher pneumatic pressure does not mean higher performance!

1.) Make sure to adhere to the producer’s guidelines regarding air pressure specification. every handpiece has their own requirements and before using it it’s better to read the user guide.
Higher pressure doesn’t guarantee higher performance! If you will pay attention to manufacture user guide you can avoid serious damage to the dental air turbine.
This is valid for high-speed dental turbines and also for low-speed handpieces.

2) Put down the pliers.
When you intend to do some handpiece repairs, please use manufacturer approved tools on your handpiece or you can send to your dental handpiece repair service to have them repaired.
Sometimes you think than pliers could be an obvious solution to solve the small issue, this could cause damage to the handpiece and sometimes to be excluded from warranty. Think twice!

3) Keep wipe-downs simple
Everytime wipe your dental handpiece down and use warm water with mild detergent before lubrication and sterilization.
Don’t use strong chemicals because it’s unnecessary and could cause problems with chemical interactions during sterilization. Please do not put in any liquids in case it is required by handpiece manufacturer.

4) Remove the bur
Don’t forget to remove bur before lubrication and purging your handpieces, this will allow for a more through lubrication and purge of all internal components.

5) Don’t skimp on the lubricating oil
Please apply enough lubricant to your handpieces. Maybe you think that you have to keep lubricant to a minimum but you should make sure that you will see lubricant in the head of your dental handpiece before to stop the application.

6) Double-check your port.
Make sure you are using the drive airport (the smaller of the two larger holes) to apply your lubricant, rather than any other opening in the handpiece. This opening is the only direct path to the turbine.

7) Everytime Keep it clean
Remember to eliminate the excess of lubricating oil to avoid clogged bearings in your dental handpiece. Attach dental handpiece to delivery unit tubing and run handpiece for 30 seconds, you also can use air flush station after you have lubricated. Sometimes the excess of oil may be discolored and you have to repeat this procedure until you will see it clear, ensuring deep clean.

8) The Ligh must be bright
Every fiber optics surfaces must be cleaned with cotton swab and alcohol, preventing the buildup of debris which can affect light transmission.
Don’t use sharp instruments on cleaning fiber optic ends.

9) Tension release
Before sterilizing, dental bur must be removed to release chuck levers. Compression of any spring and levers during heating may cause them to weaken which will shorten the life of your handpiece.

10) Chuck is very important
Don’t forget that the chuck on dental turbines and dental contra angles needs separate and gentle care, usually a direct dose of compressed air and after of lubricant either manually or by chuck care system with automated systems. we advise cleaning chuck once a week.


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