Implant handpiece Repair 20:1

Dental surgery is developing considerable fast in our days and also implantation in dentistry shows more and more success cases of dental restoration.

Dental Implant handpieces become more widely used by dentists and require higher quality of instruments for high precision, comfortable and long run of instruments.

Implant Handpiece Maintenance – why it’s important

Today implant handpieces are state of the art technology with high-quality parts, but they are very sensitive to saliva, tooth dust, and blood which enter in the work process in the head of the handpiece, chuck and also in ball bearings.

The only way and fastest way is mechanically cleaning under running water and after lubricating for 2-3 second till you see clean oil,  you can see in our video article how correctly to handpiece lubrication must be done.

Most important in the long run of implant handpiece without repair is cleaning and lubricating with high-quality synthetic oil which can be purchased from local dental suppliers or to buy it online. In our days you can benefit from a lot of online stores who sell everything for dentists and for the best prices.

Implant handpiece repair is necessary to do when implant handpiece 20:1 it’s forced after torque and happens that is rotating but can’t screw implant in the jaw.

You can work with it but you feel that it is vibrating and in that case, its perhaps ball bearings are broken and must be replaced. Not every time replacing just ball bearings will solve this issue.

Many dentists can buy spare parts for implant handpiece repair and do it yourself but this does not guarantee a long life of implant handpiece because in most cases not just headgear must be replaced but also intermediate shaft/middle gear might be used and must be replaced.

Sending to the dental handpiece repair shop is the best solution because they are doing the repair on daily bases and doing professionally and you can’t have all the range of spare parts you need and can’t finalize your implant handpiece repair till the end and your repair will not last long as would be.

7 Arguments why Implant Handpiece Repair must be done by a dental service repair shop

  1. Only professionals can detect the real problem because of their longtime experience in detecting and repairing handpieces
  2. Only necessary parts will be replaced by engineer and this will save your money
  3. Quality Repair Parts – only in time can be tested how non-original parts works and service life
  4. Cheap vs Expensive – not every time original parts can provide a long time, also trusted manufactures of dental spare parts can provide similar to original quality but less expensive
  5. Original Ball Bearings – Famous Brands do not manufacture ball bearings (except NSK) and all handpiece manufacturers buy ball bearings from specialized in ball bearings manufacturing. Only qualified engineers can assemble same ball bearings on headgears and rotors but at least twice cheaper
  6. Ceramic vs Steel Ball Bearings not on all models of handpieces use ceramic ball bearings, on some low-speed handpieces even are not recommended ceramic bearings.
  7. Tests – Only on professional equipment can be tested RPMs (rotations per minute), noise and concentricity. If you are a dentist you also can do it buy you need expensive tools which you will not use day by day.

Think about making Do It Yourself repairs or to send handpieces to Repair Shops!

Our Dental Handpiece Repair Shop will advise you how Implant handpiece maintenance to be done by you and on our site you will find different videos and tips and tricks FREE how to maintain implant handpiece and also for dental turbines, straight and contra angles.

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