Dental Ceramic Ball Bearings vs Steel Ball Bearings

A lot of customers and site visitors visiting our site are asking what kind of dental ball bearings are assembled the dental rotors which we use for handpiece repairs.

All High-Speed Dental Rotors are assembled with Dental Ceramic Ball Bearings and we would like to answer the question about the difference between Dental Steel Ball Bearings vs. Dental Ceramic Ball Bearings.

First of all both types of High-Speed Ball Bearings are used on Dental Turbines because their rpm (rotation per minute) is till 400 000 and just high-quality Dental Ceramic Ball Bearings can resist on such speed and last long in time, but they need more careful attention like lubrication and cleaning.

You will not see today on High reputable Handpiece Manufactured to place dental steel ball bearings because the solid companies care about their authority and reputation.

Let’s see what the fundamental difference between this two types of dental ball bearings and you will do conclusion yourself if it worth to make savings on Steel Ball Bearings or not and why it’s better to buy a Dental Handpiece with Dental Ceramic Ball Bearings.

  • Dental Steel ball bearings

Balls made of steel are used as rolling bodies.

When using metal in the production of bearings, it is rather difficult to obtain a perfectly smooth surface of the balls and minimize friction. All these factors significantly reduce the service life of steel bearings (this is undoubtedly a disadvantage). The advantage of such bearings is that there are much cheaper and need less care about them for cleaning and lubrication.

  • Dental Ceramic Ball Bearings

As rolling elements in such bearings are used balls made of ceramic.

Bearings with ceramic balls are more durable and less noisy. The low coefficient of friction of ceramics increases the surface stability of the balls and increases the service life of the bearing as a whole. The density of ceramics is 40% less than the density of steel, which lowers the centrifugal load and the level of internal stress at high speeds of rotation.

Thus, Dental Handpieces with this type of bearings, compared with handpieces with steel bearings, are quieter and have a longer service life, but they are more expensive and need to be cleaned and lubricated after 2-3 hours of work.

Steel ball bearings are mainly used on Low-Speed handpieces because they don’t have such great load and so high RPMs (rotations per minutes)

Common to all bearings

In this case, all the ball bearings in the dental handpiece manufactured have the same  common features:

All dental Rotors are assembled with German MYONIC Angular Dental Ceramic Ball Bearings which high resistance and have the best smooth of the ceramic ball which increases the life of the bearing. Bearing sleeves are made of stainless steel, which allows sterilizing tips in autoclaves.

Thus, whatever dental drills you choose on our website, they will serve you a long and faithful service, and you will only be happy to work with them.

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