Repair KaVo Gentlepower Lux 25LP / LPA – Instruction 

Before to Replace and Head Gear in Red KaVo  25 LP / LPA you need to disassemble it. This can’t be done without a special instrument designed just for this handpiece. you need 2 Keys: Ejector and Wrench

keys Disassambling head red Kavo 25LP LPA

▶ Place the ejector on level support and hold the pushbutton ⑧ with your thumb
and press it off.

Disassambling head red Kavo 25LP LPA image

▶ Remove the conical spring
▶ Unscrew the cover ⑥ in a counterclockwise direction using the wrench, the universal
bit holder and the torque handle.
▶ Pull the head casing ① and the adapter ⑪ forward and out and remove the two
balls ⑨.
▶ Use the circlip pliers to twist the adapter ⑪ slightly and remove it from the head
casing ①, then remove the two springs ⑩.
▶ Slide the spray insert ③ out of the head casing ①.
▶ Remove the drive axle ⑤ and spring washer ④ from the spray insert ③.
▶ Remove two O-rings ②.

Kavo 25LP LPA repair head gear disassembling

▶ Take hold of the elbow sleeve ① with the circlip pliers and turn the wrench, universal
bit holder and torque handle anticlockwise to unscrew the threaded ring ⑤.
▶ Slide the adapter sleeve into the insert ④ and push the spring pin into place.
▶ Pull the insert ④ out of the elbow sleeve ① and remove the adapter sleeve.
▶ Push the bearing cartridge ② and axle ③ right back and out.
▶ Remove the axle ③ from the bearing insert ②.

You can do yourself repair kavo gentlepower lux 25lp / lpa or you can give to a reliable repair shop of your dental handpiece which will offer quality repair and will do all exact checks to have 100% functional handpiece specified by the manufacturer.

If you are a dentist and do it in your clinic you can not do all checkings like RPMs (rotations per minute) or to check concentricity and noise level.
Qualified engineers can do this test and supply to you your handpiece after all these checks and offer your warranty which is very important for customer satisfaction as per the dentist and also for engineers who repaired.

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