31-07-2020  · KAVO DENTAL GMBH MASTERTORQUE LUX M9000 L COLOR DENTAL HANDPIECE: Back to Search Results: Model Number M9000 L: Device Problem Device Handling Problem: Event Date 01/09/2019: event type malfunction manufacturer narrative the handpiece was …

MASTERtorque™ M9000 L EXPERTtorque™ E680 L SMARTtorque™ SURGtorque™ Dental Turbines . Made for your hand: Each KaVo dental turbine is the result of extensive ergonomic and anatomical studies with consistent dimensions, angles and contours for balanced handling. you can choose from the wide range of KaVo’s top class dental turbines.

KaVo MASTERtorque M8900 L / M9000L / M9000 LS Push Button Extend Turbine Cartridge Extend Ceramic Turbine Cartridge Made in USA Replacement part for KaVo MASTERtorque M8900 L / M9000L / M9000 LS push button part number 2.000.2266

10-03-2017  · With 25,000 LUX, the glass rod fibre-optic bundle of MASTERtorque LUX Turbine M9000 L illuminates the preparation area perfectly – with not a shadow to be seen. Variations KaVo MASTERtorque M9000 L (1.008.7900)

The MASTERtorque lux m9000 turbine series has rapid stop for safety. The new Direct Stop Technology (DST) reduces the stopping time of KaVo’s dental turbine MASTERtorque by approx. 60 % and stops in only one second. Best conditions for completely safe and relaxed work. Through its combination of 20 % more power, less w