High speed dental rotor suitable for MK-DENT® TC2042 is complete with: Premium ceramic ball bearings P/N F:105RX, R:120M – *120m has phenolic cage O-ring O710 Wavy washers F:1x OW120, R:1x OW140 This model of dental rotor can be used for MK-DENT® turbines: HE17 HE21K/KL/N/NL HB21K/KL After market rotor for mk-dent® part number: tc2034 main features: Perfect balance …

Rotors Mk-dent compatible for Highspeed Turbines assembled with MYONIC (Made in Germany) Ceramic Ballbearings. Worldwide delivery. Price – 87Euro

MK-Dent TC2031 Standard Head Triple Spray compatible. High Speed Parts, Dental Rotors, Rotors for Mk-dent costs only 87 euro. mk-dent tc2031 standard head Triple Spray compatible. … Rotor for MK-DENT ® TC2034 .

Rotor for MK-DENT ® TC2034 Compatible Rotor. Rotor for MK-DENT ® TC2034 Compatible Rotor pack includes: push button Complete Turbine (o-rings and washers) Manufactured with Myonic (made in Germany) Abec 7 Bearings. Exceeds ISO Standard Chucking System; Machine Balanced and serialized. Sterilization-Autoclavable to 135 C (277 F)