Rotor for MORITA ®TwinPower PAR-4HX-O compatible. High Speed Parts, Dental Rotors, Rotors for MORITA costs only 95 Euro. Get Turbina FARO.

Back Cap Morita TwinPower PAR-4-HEX-O turbine -Dental Spare Parts Online. High Speed Parts, Back Caps for Turbines, Only for 39.75 Euro on our Online Store.

TwinPower Turbine® handpieces feature the world’s only double-impeller rotor design. This unique innovation delivers superior cutting power even under high load conditions. twinpower also offers the world’s only Zero-Drawback feature.

TwinPower Turbine High Torque 4H PAR-4HX-O (Morita Couplings). Unit Includes: Lubricant Spray Nozzle, chuck grip tester, Spray Hole Wire, Screwdriver, Cap Tool.

High speed dental rotor suitable for MORITA® TwinPower PAR-4HX-O is complete with: GRW Xtra radial, ceramic bearings P/N 115RX>>> O-rings 2x O600 This model of dental rotor can be used for MORITA® turbines: TwinPower PAR-4HX-O Model P/N with GRW XTRA angular contact, integral shield, ceramic bearings: M110XTRA Main features: Perfect balance <200mcg Hardened material up …