Rotor for NSK ® PAX-TU03 is comaptible with: PANA-MAX PAX-TU M4 PANA-MAX PAX-TU B2. Warranty – 6 months! Our Guarantee: We Offer A 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Simply return your product for a refund, or an exchange. Related products. Rotor for NSK ® Ti-Max X450L – TiX45-Su03 .

NSK HIGH speed cartridge – pax2-su03 july 1, 2013. SKU: ITM-CRT-003 Category: spare parts. description Description . Related products. cartridge npa-su03 std. head read more; CARTRIDGE REPLACEMENT pax-su03 read more; cartridge for PAX-TU03 Read more; CARTRIDGE REPLACEMENT pax-tu03 read more; did you like this article? Share it with your …

NSK PAX-TU03 Panamax Torque Turbine – Original. Click to Enlarge. NSK PAX-TU03 Panamax Torque Turbine – Original Code : NSK-Y900773. Price: $183.40. Product Description. Cartridge for torque head‚ includes O-ring & wave washer. Fits PAX-TU M4 / B2 high speed handpiece. Browse By Category

NSK Rotor for NSK ®PANA-MAX PAX-TU M4 compatible – German Ceramic bearings. High Speed Parts, Dental Rotors, Rotors for NSK costs only 87 Euro. Get Turbina Nsk.

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NSK Pana Max PAX TU03 Turbine