NSK original replacement cartridge for the s-max m600, Pana Max Plus (Standard Head), M600L M600KL M600WL M600BL handpieces (SX-SU03).

Compatible with NSK SX-SU03 ( NSK Model: NSK S-Max M600, M600L, M600KL, M600SL, M600WL, M600BL, M600WLED, M600BLED, PAP-SU, PAP-QD SU) model: rt-rm600 quiet — the rotor is balanced ! Long Life — Build with angular contact Ceramic Ball Bearings ! About Bearings We use he best Rito Dental Angular Contact Ceramic Ball Bearings. About Spindles

Rotor NSK S-Max M600 / M600L – SX-Su03 compatible – German Bearings. High-Speed Parts, Rotors for nsk costs only 95 Euro. Turbina Nsk pana max.

High speed dental rotor suitable for NSK® SX-Su03 is complete with: 2x GRW XTRA radial, ceramic bearings P/N 115RX O-rings 2x O1000 Wavy washers 1x OW210 This model of dental rotor can be used for NSK® turbines: S-Max M600/L/KL/SL/WL/BL Pana-Max PLUS PAP-SU M4 Pana-Max PLUS PAP-SU B2 Model P/N with GRW XTRA angular contact, integral shield, ceramic bearings: I146C without …