NSK SX-SU03. Fits in: NSK Pana Max PLUS SU / S-Max M600 / DynaLED M600LG – 27066. 27066 – Unit with ceramic bearings quantity. 27066 – Unit with ceramic bearings: Available on backorder. Add to cart. Request a quote. Category: NSK Tag: NSK kanister SX-SU03. Description …

NSK SX-SU03 Original cartridge for S-Max M M600L/M600‚ M600KL/M600SL‚ M600WLED/M600BLED Code : P1002250

NSK original replacement cartridge for the S-Max M600, Pana Max Plus (Standard Head), m600l m600kl m600wl M600BL handpieces (SX-SU03).

Rotor NSK S-Max M600 / M600L – SX-Su03 compatible – German Bearings. High-Speed Parts, Rotors for nsk costs only 95 euro. Turbina Nsk pana max.