Rotor NSK Ti Max X600 – TiX-Su03 compatible – German Ceramic bearings. High Speed Parts, Dental Rotors, Rotors for NSK costs only 87 Euro. Get Turbina Nsk.

NSK original replacement turbine for Ti-Max NL9000S, X600 and X450 standard head high speed handpieces with 3 port water spray. nsk Ti-Max NL-9000S, X600, & X450 Original Turbine (TIX-SU03) Skip to content

NSK TiX-SU03 NL9000S standard head cartridge‚ New item# Y1001022 Code : y900201. Special Quantity Pricing 3/$726.57 10/$2287.35 new item# Y1001022

Home > Turbines and Cartridges > NSK > Replaces TiX-SU03. Replaces TiX-SU03. Mfgr’s Price: $249.95. Today’s Cost: From $128.00 to $146.00. Pushbutton drop-in nsk open cartridge turbine. fits Ti-Max NL9000S Series and X600/X600L and Ti-Max X450L. Application: Ti-Max NL 9000S, 9000SS, 9000KS, 9000WHS, 9000BS and X600KL.

NSK Cartridge For standard handpiece tix-su03: Turbines (Cartridges):