SIRONA T1 Control Turbine Rotor Suitable – Turbine [ TC 3 ] T1 Control TC 3 SN<65.000 for SN > 502 000 take Rotor for SIRONA ® *original Part/Number 41 75 217. Sirona ® T1 Control Turbine / Rotor TC3 Model includes: Push Button Complete Turbine with o-rings; Manufactured with Myonic (made in Germany) Abec 7 Bearings.

Compatible with SIRONA ® T1 Control / TC3 Turbine. T1 Control TC3. Warranty – 12 months! We also offer the following Guarantees: A 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee. you can just return your product for a refund or an exchange. Try the best quality on the market with flexible options of ordering. It is durable and easy to use. Mail your order …

Sirona T1 Control / Tc3. Contents. Button complete; try the best; Dental Tech 2020-09-03T10:40:08+00:00 September 3rd, 2020 | handpiece parts |

Sirona T1 Control / Tc3. Contents. Tc3. warranty – 12 months; Offer the following guarantees; Dental Tech 2020-09-19T09:53:56+00:00 September 19th, 2020 | handpiece parts |

Compatible with Sirona handpiece P/N: Sirona T1 Control/T2 Control/ TC3 Parts Choose an option Spindle Impeller Combo(spindle+impeller only) Balanced combo Rotor with NHBB bearing Rotor with Myonic bearing Clear