Rotor for SIRONA T1 Mini. T1 mini SN<65 000 for SN > 502 000 take Rotor for Sorona T2 mini *original Part/Number 41 78 591 + O-rings: 2x O700. Rotor Sirona T1 Mini compatible. Pack includes: Push Button Complete Turbine with o-rings; Manufactured with Myonic (made in Germany) Abec 7 Bearings. Exceeds ISO Standard Chucking System

Back Cap Sirona T1 Control mini SN 600 000 -Dental spare parts online. sirona ® back caps for turbines, Best Back Caps for Sirona costs only 39.75€ Back Cap for Sirona T2/T1/T3 mini. T1 mini T2 mini T3 mini for SN > 600 000. Our Guarantee: We Offer A 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Simply return your product for a refund, or an exchange.

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Our turbines for the Sirona T1 mini handpieces are built to provide exceptional performance and a long service life. They have premium bearings and a uniquely designed chuck assembly that further extends the life of the handpiece by providing superior, long lasting bur gripping strength and true concentricity exceeding ISO standards by 50%.

Premium class T1 turbines: whether T1 Control, T1 Boost or T1 mini, all turbines provide high power, optimum control at all times and are extremely quiet when working.