T2 class turbines offer continuous high performance, ergonomic shape and a titanium-coated exterior sleeve – robust workmanship for your treatment satisfaction.

Compatible with Sirona handpiece P/N: T1/T2/T3 Mini Parts Choose an option Spindle Impeller Combo(spindle+impeller only) Balanced combo Rotor with NHBB bearing Rotor with Myonic bearing Clear

pushbutton autochuck rotor for Sirona T2 Mini and T3 Mini Replacement for #58 68 315 replacement rotor autochuck mechanism with "motion activation" technology. the spindle housing has been further improved by hardening the steel to withstand numerous rebuilds and overhauls.

The head of the mini turbine has a diameter of only 9.7 mm at 21 W power. Long service life guaranteed All Dentsply Sirona instruments stand for a long service life with a warranty of at least 12 months. Strong Grip The turbines of the T2 and T3 classes are equipped …