SIRONA T2 Racer / T3 Racer Rotor Turbine T2 Racer T3 Racer *original Part/Number 58 68 307 / 58 68 323 + O-rings: 2x O900 Sirona T2 Racer / T3 Racer Rotor pack includes: push button complete turbine (o-rings) Manufactured with Myonic (made in Germany) Abec 7 bearings. exceeds iso Standard Chucking System Machine Balanced and serialized.

T3 class straight and contra‐angle handpieces provide a cost-effective, extremely robust investment that will provide treatment satisfaction for years to come.

Dentsply Sirona always offers the right solution cavity and crown preparation … as in the T2 and T3 classes, the materials of the new turbine generation support your work in the best … T3 Racer: With up to 30 watts, the T3 Racer is by far the most powerful fixed connection turbine.

SIRONA T3 Racer. Sirona T3 Racer – Economical. Sirona refers to the T3 Series as it’s economy class. All the essentials without the fluff. Same strong body and turbine of it’s higher priced counterpart, the Sirona T3 Racer makes a strong bid for an entry level handpiece. This is a good place to start if you are considering Sirona for handpieces.

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