Key WH Alegra® HS2014 TE-97 turbine – Dental Spare Parts Online. Turbine Keys, Keys for W&H costs only 25 euro. get handpiece price.

Rotor for W&H ® Alegra HS2014 TE-97 – german ceramic ballbearings. dental Rotors, Rotors for W&H costs only 87 Euro. Buy Here! ️

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High speed dental rotor suitable for W&H® Alegra HS2014 TE-97 is complete with: GRW Xtra radial, ceramic bearings P/N 140M O-rings 2x O600 Wavy washers 2x OW180 This model of dental rotor can be used for W&H® turbines: Alegra hs2014 te-97 main features: Perfect balance <200mcg Hardened material up to 60 HRC Anodized impeller Own serial number Special chuck solution …