The dental turbines of the the new synea range are ideal for removal of decayed materials, cavities and crown cement, removal of fillings, plus finishing of tooth and restoration surfaces.

W&H TG-98 L Synea Fusion Turbine Handpiece. Refund Policy. In the unlikely circumstance that a product that has been ordered needs to be returned as the product is not required the following criteria must be followed for it to be refunded.

Rotor for W&H Synea Fusion TG-98. Register. Related products Technical details 3,175 x 6,350 x 2,779 mm Ceramic, Angular, Smooth, Integral Shield Ball Bearing SKU: 1086M. Register. PB Back Cap for W&H Synea TA98LED/TA98 after 2007/Vision TK98/Fusion TG98 SKU: 23053. Register.

Synea Vision symbolises innovation with its sterilizable 5 x Ring LED+ and Synea Fusion promises top quality combined with unbeatable cost-efficiency. system overview. … W&H Roto Quick / Multiflex®* W&H Roto Quick / Multiflex®* W&H Roto … TG-98 LM / TG-98 LN TG-97 LM / TG-97 LN Light: LED+ / no / LED+ LED+ …